I am Just A girl, and obviously there’s a lot of us in this world who believes in FAITH, LOVE, LIFE,HAPPINESS,

Call me Mary, Thats What i love people Calling me… I am a student now and hopefully a writer to be soon ^_^

i am searching on online job as a freelance writer online. to permanently worked at home and do something in

my Passion, Great to say that i met a friend in one of my blog site and She recommend me to be a Freelance

Writer, When i got it… I was Like OMG! am i dreaming LOL!!!!

but i remember that it’s just the start to where my Career Will brought me…. and i will go wherever it may lead



That Image Above was Taken when i was First Year College,,, i am 3rd Year now and i think nothings Change

With my Face, 😛


Anyways This Quotations above Has a big relation to me, i experience what the thought had say,

and it’s Just Sad How Things Change in years Passes.. But i come to realize that nothings

Constant in this World except “Changes” so i focus  my self on what is going today,

and i come to think that there’s a lot of things to be cared. and i must Enjoy Life!


Like what i said i must enjoy life, and thanks to this Picture above that makes me think that

we must Cherish every minute of our life.. because “LIFE IS TO SHORT” and we only







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