“A POEM FOR MOM” Originally Written by: Mary Eugene

When Time’s I fall, I feel so small.
But I’m glad in your eyes I stand so tall,
You smile to me and I start again,
Because I know you will be there all over again,

Ever since you’ve always there,
You tell me some old joke,
That fails me to laugh.
But you never think of giving up!

On high school days I felt some change,
But your cool advices never fade.
It makes me strong and have some faith,
Because I remember. you told me to think that way.

There come a day I felt rejected, my old friends teases me
Causes real pain,
Still I felt OK, when you said you feel that way,
I felt not alone, when you said….
You feel how it is way back then.

By that moment I felt so proud,
Because I know you had me by my side…
You believe in me even other’s are not.
We prayed together and told me I have god.

I thank you the other day
Because I learned too much!
You said you are happy,
I said I felt that way too…
Because having a mom like you…
I know I am special!

Hope mom you like this simple gift..
I love you so much!!!!


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